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The Millionth Driver Found Wearing A Seat Belt

A man is driving on an empty country road with two of his friends when a police officer comes up behind them and signals them to pull over. After they pull over to the side of the road, the officer steps out of his car and goes up to the driver of the car in front of him.

He says to the driver, "Congratulations! You’re the millionth driver we’ve found wearing a seat belt, which means you’ve just won a million dollars! What are you going to do with it?"

The driver, with a sigh of relief, excitedly says, "Well, I think I’ll first use some of it to renew my license!"

The woman in the front seat says to the officer, "Never mind him, he’s always like this when he’s drunk."

The man in the back seat wakes up and upon noticing the officer says, "Aw, man! I told you we shouldn't have stolen this car!"

Then they all hear a voice coming from the trunk saying with a Mexican accent, "Are we across the border yet?"

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