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Letters from the Heart: Living In Chronic Pain

When Jesus was dying on the cross He was physically tortured. When we have hardships, including pain in our bodies, we know the Lord is able to relate to us and share in our sufferings because of His crucifixion. Our Lord and Savior is no longer so far removed from our circumstances when we think of the cross and the suffering Jesus endured for each of us. He endured suffering to the extreme so that we may have peace with God.

Physical pain consumes energy. With the guidance of a physician medications may ease the strain so a meaningful life may be pursued while managing chronic pain. What it takes to enter into God's serenity during these difficult circumstances is an acknowledgment that Jesus is the Lord of your life and using wisdom in learning to care for your body as you acknowledge it to be the temple of His Holy Spirit.

This awareness and acknowledgment of our Savior helps us naturally navigate towards our giftedness and our purpose in life. When our heart has accepted Jesus Lordship a special 'sign' from Heaven isn't necessarily needed to know our purpose in life. When someone has accepted Jesus as their Lord a natural tendency will occur to be doing God's will in life.

When chronic pain is the result of a physical handicap a special prayer ministry for your community is a valuable and tangible way of continuing to contribute to the body of Christ and purpose for your life. Being physically handicapped comes with a special sense of grace and love for others who are struggling. This leads to heart-felt prayers which the Lord hears. While there is life in our body God has a purpose for us which we will naturally be drawn towards as we acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and savior.

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